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Chord Electronics started its early days supplying studios and engineers across the world with first-class, leading-edge equipment. Now with an impressive client list under its belt, Chord Electronics continues to supply the latest technology to some of the most important engineers and studios worldwide. If you’re a professional and are interested in our products please contact us here

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Glenn Schick
Mastering Engineer - Dave
Michael Beinhorn
Mastering Engineer - Hugo Mscaler & Dave
Timothy Stollenwerk
Mastering Engineer - Dave
Taylor Larson
Record producer, mixer, and audio engineer - Ttoby & Ultima pro
Alessandro Cortini
Artist - 2go, Dave, Hugo 2 & Hugo Mscaler
Stuart Hawkes
Mastering engineer at Metropolis - Hugo 2
Tim Young
Mastering engineer - Dave & Mojo
Neil Young
Artist - Mojo 2
Dom Morley
Mastering engineer - Mojo, Hugo 2 & Qutest
Ken Scott
Mastering engineer - Hugo 2
Paul Lardenoije
Senior Sound Engineer - Hugo TT 2
Mike Exeter
Record producer - Hugo 2
Masato Morisaki
Mastering engineer - Hugo 2


Our history with the pro industry

Chord Electronics was originally founded by providing the professional industry with power amplifiers. In those early days, Chord Electronics was introduced to the BBC by an engineer who was unhappy with the sound of the iconic Maida Vale Studios. Rather than refurbishing the whole studio, it was decided that an assessment of the amplifiers was required. A provisional 200-watt Chord Electronics power amp was designed and supplied to the engineers at the BBC, with a warning that it would take months for the amp to be approved for use. However, the engineers were so impressed with the performance, that after just a few short weeks, and a great deal of testing, the amplifier approval was fast-tracked and given the go-ahead for use within the BBC.

At the time, the British Broadcasting Corporation set the baseline for the studio standard, so it wasn’t long before requests started coming in for more Chord Electronics power amplifiers from other world-famous studios. These included EMI, Abbey Road, Sony (New York), George Martin’s Air Studios and Windmill Lane (Dublin). Working with the famous studio designer, Munro, created the opportunity to make custom equipment. This led to the creation of one of the most famous amplifiers on the market at the time, the ‘Red 5’, branded by Focusrite, but designed and built by Chord Electronics. Many custom studios were kitted out with Chord Electronics’ power amplification, and of those, a huge number are still using those same amplifiers to this day.

Chord Electronics continues to supply the professional industry with the highest quality audio electronics, regularly visiting and keeping in contact with those who use the equipment. The company understands that without the recording industry, there would be no music to listen to, thus the company endeavours to help those who strive to achieve the best.

If you are a professional engineer, musician or represent a studio, and are interested in working with Chord Electronics, you can contact us through our professional email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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