How do I update my poly?

Updating Polys firmware 
  • Ensure your version of Gofigure is up to date. (IOS 2.12 + Android 1.2.133)
  • Ensure your Poly is on charge and showing a solid white status light.
  • Ensure the Mojo device connected to your Poly is fully switched on
  • Connect to your Poly using the Gofigure application.
  • Check that your Poly is connected to an active wifi network.
  • Enter the ‘device settings’ page and select ‘firmware update’
  • Leave your Poly to complete the update process, this is represented by a multicoloured flashing P.status LED (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE YOUR POLY DURING THIS PROCESS)
  • The Gofigure application will eventually lose connection to your device once it starts rebooting, this process will take approximately 5 minutes (PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-CONNECT TO YOUR POLY AT THIS POINT)
  • Once the Poly has completed the update process, the P.status will return to a solid white light for more than 30 seconds and the device will return to charging. Your Poly is now ready to be used.


If your 2go is not switching on or showing any signs of life when connected to a Hugo 2 that is switched on then please connect a suitable charger (capable of supplying a minimum of 2amps of current) and leave to charge.

How to update 2go to the latest firmware

Open the Gofigure app and select your device. Ensure that your device is connected to an active internet connection via Wifi or Ethernet. You can check this by visiting the WiFi settings page.

Remove any Micro SD cards previously installed and connect your device to a charger. Please ensure the ‘charge status’ LED displays a solid white light.

Now, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab. If you are on iOS device select the ‘Device settings’ page or, if you are on an Android device, select the ‘Update’ page. Following this, select the ‘Update firmware’ button. If an update is available, on-screen instructions will appear. Take note of these. If you wish to proceed with the update select ‘Yes’. The app will automatically close on OS and a loading screen will appear on Android.

Once an update has been initiated, the ‘2go status’ LED will begin flashing red, blue, and then green on a repeating cycle. This indicates that the device is downloading and installing the update. During this process, you must leave the device undisturbed, for a minimum of 10 minutes, and do not disconnect the power, WiFi, or Ethernet cable. When the update procedure is near its end, 2go will automatically restart.

Once the charging status has returned to white, the network status returned to blue when using WiFi, or green when connected via Ethernet, 2go is updated and ready to be used.

Following the update, if the device does not appear as a DNLA renderer or server then please perform a reboot.

How to playback music via Hugo 2 with 2go

Once you have successfully connected 2go with Hugo 2 and securely locked the devices together you must turn Hugo 2 on, which will then turn on 2go. When 2go is successfully switched on you must select the USB input on Hugo 2 by pressing the ‘input’ button until a white colour is displayed. Now, refer to the app Gofigure to complete the setup. Go figure is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. If you are unsuccessful with the setup please refer to the user manual provided on the product page:

What input should Hugo 2 display to use 2go?

2go sends data to Hugo 2 via the Micro USB input. Please select the USB input on Hugo 2 by pressing the input button until a white colour is displayed.

2go is not successfully connecting with Hugo 2

If you are experiencing difficulty with connecting 2go with Hugo 2 the most likely culprit are the preinstalled locking hex screws located on the top and bottom of 2go. To resolve this please place Hugo 2 to one side. Next, use the provided hex key to loosen the locking hex screws on 2go by half-a-turn. Now, reattempt to make a successful connection with Hugo 2. When it does, you must tighten the screws, until they are thumb tight and never more, to complete a successful and secure connection.

How do I connect 2go with Hugo 2

Within the packaging, 2go comes with x2 locking pins. You must carefully screw these into each of the screw threads located on the edge of Hugo 2 that contains the Micro USB inputs. You must do this until they are thumb tight, never any more. Next, locate each the docking pins with the docking socket and gently insert 2go into Hugo 2. Finally, you must tighten the hex screws at the top and bottom of 2go with the provided hex key, until they are thumb tight and never more, to complete a successful and secure connection.

If you are unable to successfully connect both devices please put Hugo 2 to one side. Next, use the provided hex key to loosen the hex screws located at the top and the bottom of 2go by half-a-turn. Now, bring Hugo 2 to 2go and attempt to make a successful connection.

Gofigure says my Bluetooth® Pin is incorrect despite me never changing it, why ?

If your Poly/2go has recently updated, it is possible that the Bluetooth® encryption between your Phone and Poly is corrupt.
Please try clearing your phone Bluetooth® cache, or use ‘forget this device’ in your Bluetooth® settings and then reconnect to Gofigure.

My Polys P.status is not lighting up?

No P.status means your Poly is switched off and possibly out of battery.

If you have not yet charged Poly, please do so immediately if you wish to use the device.

How do I update Poly to Firmware version 2.0.0?


  • Please ensure before starting any of the following, that your Poly is charged and showing a solid P.status light. (not to be confused with the M.status which represents the Mojos battery status)
  • Please make sure your smartphone/device is fully up to date before beginning and you have the latest version of Gofigure.
  • Ensure Poly is connected to a wifi connection with internet access. The update is quite large, so it needs a fast and reliable connection in order to download succesfully. Do not use mobile data or a mobile network to download the firmware.
  • In order to install 2.0.0, first your Poly must install a pre-update firmware 1.0.43. To complete this pre-update, leave your Poly connected to a Wi-Fi connection for twenty minutes, then switch off and unplug both Poly and Mojo until the P.status light has gone out. Then re-connect both Mojo and Poly, switching Mojo on. The Poly will have installed version 1.0.43 and is now ready to start the 2.0.0 download process located in the ‘device settings’ section of Gofigure.

Updating to 2.0.0 firmware

Step 1

Remove Micro SD cards and do not re-insert under any circumstances during the update. Switch on Poly/Mojo, making sure Poly is charged and connected to the internet; ensure Poly’s P status LED is a solid colour and not flashing.

Step 2

Please ensure your Poly has installed the previous firmware of 1.0.43 (current firmware version can be viewed under ‘general settings’ in the Gofigure application) If not, please follow the previous steps under ‘preparation’

Step 3

Under ‘device settings’ in Gofigure press “UPDATE FIRMWARE”.  You will then be prompted with a message requesting a charger be connected to Poly, please do so and continue. Note: Once you have confirmed the update process, Gofigure will close down. This is NOT a crash, please do not re-open the application and attempt the process again.

Step 4

The Gofigure application has now closed down. Please  switch off your Mojo and disconnect the charger from the Mojo/Poly, allowing time for the P.status LED to completely switch off.

Step 5

Re-start your Mojo/Poly and connect the charger. The P.status LED will now start flashing blue, green and red for some time. Please leave your Mojo/Poly like this for twenty minutes until the P.status LED has completely switched off. Note: this could take up to twenty minutes. 

Step 6

The P.status LED has now switched off, disconnect and then re-connect the charger. The P.status LED will now switch on and remain solid green for approximately twenty seconds as the firmware installs. Note: Please do not attempt to use your Poly in this time

Step 7

Poly will now briefly flash, confirming the installation is complete.

Step 8

Normal operation, Gofigure can now be used with all additional features.


Note: from version 1.0.43/2.0.0 onwards, Poly’s firmware update methodology is changing. With subsequent firmware releases, users will now be able to choose when they update their firmware.


I am connected to my home router but cannot see Poly/2go

Even if you are sure that Poly/2go has a successful connection to your chosen network we strongly advise that you check. You can confirm this quickly and easily within Gofigure. Simply open the Gofigure app and within the ‘Home’ screen the connected WiFi network will be displayed.
For Poly only:
Poly must be configured for the playback mode that you wish to use. There are two playback modes, ‘Roon’ and ‘Other music services’. You can view the current playback mode within the ‘Home’ screen of Gofigure.
If Poly is currently set to ‘Roon’ mode then it will not be visible as an DLNA or MPD device and will not allow SD card playback. To make Poly visible and ready for playback select the ‘Other music services’ playback mode within Gofigure.
If Poly is currently set to ‘Other music services’ mode and you wish Poly to become visible as a Roon endpoint then you must change the mode to ‘Roon’ within Gofigure.
If Poly is set to either ‘Airplane’ or ‘Bluetooth®’ mode WiFi will be disabled. To reactivate WiFi you must disable ‘Airplane’ or ‘Bluetooth®’ mode within Gofigure.

Poly is not connecting to any WiFi networks

If the P-status confirms that your device is successfully connected to a network: Even if you are sure that Poly is connected to the correct WiFi network, and the P-status LED indicates that it is connected to a network, the first step that you must perform is to check if this is so. Open the Gofigure app. Within the ‘Home’ screen the name of the network that Poly is connected to will be shown. If this is not the network that you desire then remove it from within the ‘WiFi settings’ page. iOS users can swipe on the network name to remove and Android users will need to press and hold on the WiFi network.
If Poly’s P-status LED is flashing blue and green: If the P-status is flashing blue and green this indicates that Poly is in ‘Hotspot mode’. This mode means Poly will broadcast its own Wi-Fi network for you to connect to, rather than connecting to a previously programmed network, or new network. If this is not desired, please disengage ‘Hotspot mode’ within the settings page of ‘Gofigure’.
If Poly’s P-status LED is not indicating that it is connected to a network: Please ensure that the password has not changed for this network. If it has you must delete the network from within the ‘WiFi settings’ page. iOS users can swipe on the network name to remove and Android users will need to press and hold on the WiFi network. If problems still persist try switching your router off and on again.

I cannot see Poly/2go within my WiFi networks: Hotspot mode

If you do not wish for Poly or 2go to connect to an existing WiFi network and instead want 2go or Poly to broadcast its own WiFi network, which is useful for using WiFi streaming performance when you are on-the-go, then you must configure Poly or 2go to this setting.
Poly or 2go will be in Hotspot mode when Poly’s ‘P-status’ or 2go’s ‘Network status’ LED is flashing blue and green. If it is not then open Gofigure, navigate to the ‘Setttings’ page and select ‘Hotspot mode’. You should now be able to see Poly or 2go’s WiFi network broadcast within your devices WiFi settings.

How do I find out what firmware my Poly is running?

You can view the firmware version of your device within the Gofigure app. Navigate to the ‘General settings’ page and the firmware version will be listed.

Poly is not reading my Micro SD card

First, please make sure that the Micro SD card is fully pushed into the slot. None of the Micro SD card should stand proud of the socket. If this is complete please check that you have formatted your Micro SD card to ExFAT. If this is confirmed and you have already copied music over to the Micro SD card you must make sure that you have left at least 50mb free for a database file to be constructed by Poly’s operating system. This is required for the Micro SD card to be recognised.

Poly will not turn on

Please ensure that you have fully charged your Poly before use. A full charge will ensure that you can configure Poly and begin using immediately. If you charge Poly attached to Mojo you must use a charger capable of delivering 2amps of current, any less will not effectively charge both units.

If you have performed this, please check that the P-status LED to determine any signs of life. If Poly is functioning this light will illuminate.

During charging Poly’s status LED is white and flashing on and off

The charger that you are using is providing insufficient current to effectively charge Poly. Please replace with a 2amp charger.

How do I locate the IP address of Poly?

Using the Gofigure application, select ‘Wifi’ and then press the small arrow to the right hand side of your current connected network. This will take you to another page displaying a variety of network information.


Using a pair of headphones, or your Hi-Fi system, connected to Mojo. Press and hold the config button until Poly states ‘current mode’. Then release the config button. Poly will then read a variety of information including Firmware version and current IP address.

Poly’s status indicator is flashing blue and green and I cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network

When Poly flashes blue and green this indicates that Poly is currently in hotspot mode. With any Wi-Fi device you will be able to see a Wi-Fi network named Poly.

In order to connect to an alternative Wi-Fi network, you will need to dis-engage hotspot mode. Please do this using the Gofigure application.



Connect to Polys hotspot. A manual webpage will now open. Please ensure the ‘Keep in Hotspot Mode’ box is NOT ticked. Now press ‘Save and Reboot’. Your Poly will reboot into network mode.



After connecting to Poly’s unsecured Wi-Fi network for configuration, I am unable to access the configuration page

Generally the setup portal should automatically appear, however if this does not occur please open a browser window and input the address

Poly will not connect to my home Wi-Fi network

First, please reenter access point mode and remove your Wi-Fi network from the Poly configuration page. As Poly will only connect to 2GHz Wi-Fi networks, you must confirm that you are not connecting to a 5GHz network.

Second, please make sure that the name or password of your network does not include any special characters including @,!, £, $, #, ;, :, ‘, -. If your network name or password does please modify this and attempt to reconnect.

If Poly is still having difficulty, or will not remember your network, when clicking submit please select the ‘Reboot on save button’. Poly will then restart after the settings have been saved.

How do I connect Poly to my smartphone Hotspot?

Poly connects to your smartphone just as it would to your home network. You will need to locate the SSID (typically the name of your device ie. Johns iPhone, or Johns note 8) and the password (typically found within your tethering settings).

Please switch on your mobile phones ‘hotspot’ or ‘tethering’ mode. Now open the Gofigure application and connect to your Poly. Once available, press the settings option and then open ‘Wi-Fi’ . Your mobile phones hotspot should appear under New Networks. Please have your password ready



You will need Poly/Mojo to be connected to an output in order to hear its spoken commands. Please use headphones if possible.

Please cycle Poly to ‘Hotspot mode’ using the provided Config pin, this will be confirmed by Poly’s status LED flashing blue and green. Now, use your device to search for Poly’s unsecured Wi-Fi network and connect.

If Poly’s configuration page does not immediately show, enter a browser and type the address

Now input the network settings including SSID and Password making sure to not use any special characters including @,!, £, $, #, ;, :, ‘, -.

Please ensure the ‘Keep in hotspot mode’ box is NOT ticked.

To complete the setup select the ‘Reboot on save’ box and press the save button. Poly will reboot and attempt to search for your smartphones network. Please note that if you have previously connected to a home network and are still within range of this network Poly may still connect to that network until it is forgotten or out of range.

Poly is not connecting to my Android device

First, please make sure that your location services are turned on when attempting to connect to Gofigure. This is a security requirement implemented by Google to allow BLE, the connection protocol, between your smartphone and Poly.

If you are still experiencing difficulties connecting, please rename your Poly and your Android device name and retry the setup procedure.

I have a special character in my Wi-Fi password, why can’t Poly connect to my network?

Currently Poly is unable to connect to networks with special characters within the name or password. Please avoid the following: @,!, £, $, #, ;, :, ‘, – etc. This is to accommodate the differences between international keyboards.

For example, instead of using John’s Poly, use Johns Poly.

How does Poly determine which Wi-Fi network to connect to?

When a selection of Wi-Fi networks have been stored, Poly will automatically connect to the strongest network within its range.

How do I see Poly’s stored Wi-Fi networks?

Using the Gofigure application, connect to your Poly. Once the home page opens, press settings> Wi-Fi. You will now be able to see all previously connected networks, newly discovered networks  and add/remove as you please.





Please enter ‘Hotspot Mod’ mode by pressing the config button and following the spoken instructions . When Poly’s status LED flashes green and blue you can connect to Poly’s unsecured network to enter the configuration page. Within the ‘Manage Connections’ tab you will be able to view the stored Wi-Fi networks and remove any you no longer require. Poly will automatically connect to the strongest stored Wi-Fi network.

I want to connect Poly to my smartphone, but I am unable to create a personal hotspot or set up tethering. How can I use Poly?

Poly has a feature named Hotspot mode, which remedies this. Hotspot mode engages Poly’s own internal Wi-Fi router for your smartphone to connect to, similar to how you would connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi network at home. In this mode, 3G or 4G internet services will be unavailable.

To connect please enter access point mode by pressing the supplied pin into the configuration hole for ten seconds. Poly’s status LED will now flash green and blue allowing you to connect to its unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Within the network settings, navigate to the Play mode settings and check the box marked ‘Keep in hotspot mode’. Poly will now permanently remain in Hotspot mode until reconfigured. Poly will now be discoverable by your smartphone within the Wi-Fi settings.

Please be aware that when in Hotspot mode Poly’s status will flash blue and green.

My home Wi-Fi network is within range, but I want to connect to my smartphone. How can I do this?

Currently Poly connects to the strongest Wi-Fi signal that it detects and is unable to prioritise Wi-Fi networks. When the accompanying GoFigure app is released you will be able to select a Wi-Fi network to connect to.

After using Hotspot mode, I am unable to connect to another Wi-Fi network

When Hotspot mode has been activated, Poly will remain in this state. This will be indicated by Poly’s status window flashing blue and green. If you wish to connect to a network again, please dis-engage ‘Hotspot Mode’ using the Gofigure application.


To exit Hotspot mode please press the config button and follow the spoken instructions.

When using Hotspot Mode I am unable to access any internet

When in Hotspot mode you are connecting to Poly’s own local Wi-Fi network. As a result, for example, 3G and 4G data services will be unavailable. This will typically be indicated by your phone.

I am having difficulty seeing Poly as an end point on Roon

Please ensure you have engaged ‘Roon Ready’ mode either on the Gofigure Home page, or in your Poly settings.

Please ensure Poly is on the same network as your Roon Core/computer.

Poly will need to be ‘enabled’ in your Roon output settings.  Only then will Poly be fully compatible with all of Roons features.


I’ve forgotten the Bluetooth® code for Poly

If you have not changed the Bluetooth® Pin at any point, this will be the factory standard of :0000

If you have changed your Bluetooth® Pin and are unable to remember what you changed it to, you will need to reset this feature manually by depressing the config button and listening to the spoken commands. If you keep depressing the button each time Poly speaks, eventually you will reach ‘Bluetooth® Pin reset’.

When playing back high-resolution tracks via AirPlay Mojo shows a red 44.1kHz sample rate (red) indicator

AirPlay is natively limited to transmitting 16bit 44kHz audio. If you wish to playback high resolution files please use DLNA/UPnP/MPD or Roon.

Poly and Mojo gets warm during use, and charging, is this okay?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Both Poly and Mojo have sophisticated thermal protection mechanisms to ensure that your safety is not harmed.