Why our standalone 2Qute DAC must be heard

Posted on: 16/03/2017

Our proprietary technology FPGA-based DACs have been in the media spotlight a great deal in recent years, enjoying critical acclaim around the world. Most notably, our combined DAC/headphone amps, Mojo, Hugo, Hugo TT and DAVE have taken centre stage.  However, there is another standout performer in the digital range that deserves just as much attention: 2Qute. What’s separates 2Qute from its stablemates, is that it is a ‘straight’ DAC, in other words, there is no headphone or preamp stage, making 2Qute a pure digital-to-analogue convertor.

Its abilities have been widely recognised amongst the critics. Hi-Fi Choice magazine awarded it 5 stars with a coveted Editor’s Choice award, Hi-Fi World also gave it top honours (5 globes) in its review, plus big-hitters CNET and What Hi-Fi? have also lavished praise, the latter giving 5 stars and Best DAC (£500-£1,000) in its prestigious 2016 awards. If you’ve no need for a headphone amplifier, then 2Qute’s total dedication to precision D/A conversion could be for you. You can find out more on our product page, or why not try What Hi-Fi?’s unboxing video for a different perspective?