BerTTi desktop power amplifier, now shipping worldwide.

Posted on: 02/11/2023

BerTTi is a fully balanced 75-watt per channel (into 8Ω) compact power amplifier, designed with our advanced dual-feed-forward error-correction topology. It features our modified dual power supplies for class-leading performance.

An additional auxiliary power rail is derived for the initial input stage of BerTTii, which provides extra voltage to drive the custom-made MOSFET output devices used in all of our highly acclaimed ULTIMA products.

The result is a fast, dynamic and powerful amplifier, capable of driving demanding loudspeaker loads whilst retaining the subtlety and poise so important for musical enjoyment.


Designed, engineered and handmade in England, BerTTi brings our next-generation ULTIMA topology to the Table Top (TT) range for the first time and completes the use of ULTIMA technology throughout all the amplification ranges.

BerTTi is the perfect partner for the Hugo TT 2 DAC/preamp/headphone amplifier and the Hugo M Scaler digital upscaler, creating a three-box system with a small footprint but huge performance.

Available now. Contact your local authorised retailer today using our locator below to arrange a demonstration.