‘Best Ever’ award for Hugo 2 from Hi-Fi and Music Source

Posted on: 15/12/2022

Hi-Fi and Music Source.com has given its ‘Best Ever’ award to the Chord Electronics Hugo 2.

The British hi-fi and audio website, hifiandmusicsource.com says: ‘The Chord Electronics Hugo 2, (is) still, the DAC to beat in most, if not all circumstances.  Desktop, travelling or into a preamplifier the Hugo 2, with the 2Go, is probably the most frequently used piece of equipment here at HF&MS. The matching 2Go turns the Hugo 2 into a streaming DAC and, being battery-led, the resulting platform is free of undue electrical noise.’

We’re delighted with the recognition for our multi-award-winning DAC and headphone amplifier.

Find out more about Hugo 2 here.

Chord Electronics Hugo 2

Chord Electronics Hugo 2