Chord DACs dominate in What Hi-Fi?’s 2017 recommendations

Posted on: 07/07/2017

The world’s biggest hi-fi review website, What Hi-Fi?, has recently rounded up its six favourite DACs of 2017, with Mojo, 2 Qute and the new Hugo 2 taking three of the six recommendations! Of course, both Mojo and 2 Qute are What Hi-Fi? award winners in their own right: Product of the Year 2016 for Mojo and Best DAC £500 – £1,000 2016 for 2Qute.

Our dominance of the sector proves that our unique approach to DAC design, using our proprietary technology and powerful custom-coded processors, is genuinely class-leading. In fact, the only other DAC recommendations are at price points in which we don’t have products! So, it’s official, there is no better digital convertor to bring out the best in your music. Find out more, here.