Why is my network/status flashing yellow?

2go cannot detect a connected DAC or 2yu streamer. Please ensure that your DAC is switched on and connected; if using Hugo2 ensure the input button is set to USB(white)
If using 2yu, please ensure the connected DAC is switched on and set to the correct input selection. If still no change in behaviour, cycle the 2yu Input to Coaxial(yellow) for two minutes. The Network status should return to a confirmed network colour like Green or Blue. Your 2go should also now be discoverable via the Gofigure application.

Why can’t I find my 2go/2yu combo in gofigure ?

It may be that your 2go cannot see the 2yu post-update. Please try switching your 2yu output button to Coaxial (yellow) for 2 minutes and then attempt to re-connect via the Gofigure app. Remember to switch the output back to USB(white) before attempting playback if that was your previous setting.


If your 2go is not switching on or showing any signs of life when connected to a Hugo 2 that is switched on then please connect a suitable charger (capable of supplying a minimum of 2amps of current) and leave to charge.

How to update 2go to the latest firmware

Open the Gofigure app and select your device. Ensure that your device is connected to an active internet connection via Wifi or Ethernet. You can check this by visiting the WiFi settings page.

Remove any Micro SD cards previously installed and connect your device to a charger. Please ensure the ‘charge status’ LED displays a solid white light.

Now, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab. If you are on iOS device select the ‘Device settings’ page or, if you are on an Android device, select the ‘Update’ page. Following this, select the ‘Update firmware’ button. If an update is available, on-screen instructions will appear. Take note of these. If you wish to proceed with the update select ‘Yes’. The app will automatically close on OS and a loading screen will appear on Android.

Once an update has been initiated, the ‘2go status’ LED will begin flashing red, blue, and then green on a repeating cycle. This indicates that the device is downloading and installing the update. During this process, you must leave the device undisturbed, for a minimum of 10 minutes, and do not disconnect the power, WiFi, or Ethernet cable. When the update procedure is near its end, 2go will automatically restart.

Once the charging status has returned to white, the network status returned to blue when using WiFi, or green when connected via Ethernet, 2go is updated and ready to be used.

Following the update, if the device does not appear as a DNLA renderer or server then please perform a reboot.

How to playback music via Hugo 2 with 2go

Once you have successfully connected 2go with Hugo 2 and securely locked the devices together you must turn Hugo 2 on, which will then turn on 2go. When 2go is successfully switched on you must select the USB input on Hugo 2 by pressing the ‘input’ button until a white colour is displayed. Now, refer to the app Gofigure to complete the setup. Go figure is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. If you are unsuccessful with the setup please refer to the user manual provided on the product page: https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/2go/

What input should Hugo 2 display to use 2go?

2go sends data to Hugo 2 via the Micro USB input. Please select the USB input on Hugo 2 by pressing the input button until a white colour is displayed.

2go is not successfully connecting with Hugo 2

If you are experiencing difficulty with connecting 2go with Hugo 2 the most likely culprit are the preinstalled locking hex screws located on the top and bottom of 2go. To resolve this please place Hugo 2 to one side. Next, use the provided hex key to loosen the locking hex screws on 2go by half-a-turn. Now, reattempt to make a successful connection with Hugo 2. When it does, you must tighten the screws, until they are thumb tight and never more, to complete a successful and secure connection.

How do I connect 2go with Hugo 2

Within the packaging, 2go comes with x2 locking pins. You must carefully screw these into each of the screw threads located on the edge of Hugo 2 that contains the Micro USB inputs. You must do this until they are thumb tight, never any more. Next, locate each the docking pins with the docking socket and gently insert 2go into Hugo 2. Finally, you must tighten the hex screws at the top and bottom of 2go with the provided hex key, until they are thumb tight and never more, to complete a successful and secure connection.

If you are unable to successfully connect both devices please put Hugo 2 to one side. Next, use the provided hex key to loosen the hex screws located at the top and the bottom of 2go by half-a-turn. Now, bring Hugo 2 to 2go and attempt to make a successful connection.

How do I use the QuickPlay function within Gofigure?

The QuickPlay function requires an MPD playlist to launch playback. Please use an MPD application such as iOS: MPDluxe Android: M.A.L.P. Once you create playlists within these applications, they will immediately appear in the QuickPlay function within Gofigure and can be controlled without the need for Wi-Fi.