Why is my network/status flashing yellow?

Poly cannot detect a connected MOJO/MOJO 2. Please ensure that your MOJO/MOJO 2 is switched on and connected;

Why is there no USB-C fast charging?

Implementing a charge function into the USB-C port would cause unwanted noise, which does not align with our philosophy of product design.

Secondly, USB fast charging causes unavoidable damage to lithium cells. This is not appropriate on a product with an intended lifespan of above 3+ years.

Why have we continued to use a micro-USB charge input?

We have continued the previous layout of Micro-USB inputs on Mojo2 in order to maintain compatibility with the Poly streaming device. Many customers have invested in our streaming products and we will continue to support and develop them.

Balanced headphone output: why isn’t one included?

Single-ended is innately more transparent than balanced as it’s simpler. Secondly, pulse array DACs are single-ended, so going balanced would make it sound worse. Conventional DACs are balanced to solve substrate noise, but the pulse array is discrete so doesn’t have this problem in the first place.

Apple iPhone/iPad connection: what do I need?

To connect an Apple iPhone or iPad to Mojo 2, use a (genuine) Apple Lightning to USB adaptor (camera connection kit), connecting a suitable USB to Micro-USB or USB to USB-C to attach to the Mojo 2.

Output stage: have there been any changes?

No, the analogue OPs are the same. The biggest change on the analogue side has been removing the coupling capacitor, which has tightened the bass with extended definition.

TAPS/filters: how many does Mojo 2 have?

The original Mojo was 38,912 taps, Mojo 2 is 40,960. Not a huge change, but the filter core is upgraded to current standards, which is a larger change than the taps; there is more to our WTA filters than taps.

Battery-free operation: how is this done without losses in sound quality?

On the original Mojo, the amplifier was fed by the battery directly. Now, it is fed by regulators, ensuring low PSU noise. We can see the benefit in that crosstalk (noise which came from the PSU) is considerably better with Mojo 2 at 118 dB.  

Battery: what type of rechargeable battery is fitted? Is it the same as Mojo (1)?

It’s similar to Mojo, but benefits from a higher capacity.

Line-level mode: how to access it

Line-level mode has been removed for safety; we had a few cases of customers inadvertently activating it when switching Mojo on. We have decided to remove it and make it a user-conscious event now, so by manually having to increase the volume, it’s easier to understand/remember it has been done.
Mojo 2 still remembers volume setting afterwards, so if you want to use it as a line-level DAC, you don’t need to do set it every time.