Have you benefitted from Poly 2 firmware?

Posted on: 29/05/2019

Calling all Poly users! Have you discovered the new firmware update for Poly? The new firmware (V2.0.0) has been crowned ‘Poly 2’ in recognition of its wide-ranging improvements, which include Tidal and Qobuz support via popular third-party DLNA apps.

Poly 2 is the first major firmware update for the portable high-resolution streamer/player. The update introduces wide-ranging performance benefits, including improved Bluetooth, DLNA and Wi-Fi, plus Roon Ready Certification and key updates to the configuration switch.

Upgrading is simple, when you’re ready, just follow the steps below:


Please make sure your smartphone/device is fully up to date before beginning and you have the latest version of Gofigure.
Ensure Poly is connected to a fast broadband network. The update is quite large, so it needs fast, reliable internet access to be able to download correctly. Do not use mobile data or a mobile network to download the firmware.
In order to install the 1.0.41 update needed for firmware version 2.0.0. Poly must be rebooted and if on: switch Poly off and wait until the ‘P Status’ light goes out. Please note that during the update process Poly may automatically reboot. Under no circumstances manually reboot the device during the update process unless instructed.

Updating to 2.0.0 firmware

Step 1

Remove Micro SD cards and do not re-insert under any circumstances during the update. Switch on Poly/Mojo, making sure Poly is charged, connected to its power supply and connected to the internet; ensure Poly’s ‘P status’ light is a solid colour and not flashing.

Step 2

In the background, Poly will download V1.0.41, a new installation tool for the new Poly 2.0.0 firmware.

Step 3

Remove charger and turn Poly off; wait for the ‘P Status’ light to go out (Poly won’t fully switch off if charging ). Turn Poly on and plug the charger back in.

Step 3.1

Open the Gofigure App. Go to Settings> General Settings and check the Poly version is now 1.0.41.

Step 4

Open the Gofigure App. Go to Settings> Device Settings, you should now have the option to update the firmware. Tap update firmware. Gofigure will quit once it has sent the command to update to Poly as indicated by the pop-up. This is not a crash, so do not restart Gofigure immediately to try to update again.

Step 5

Poly’s ‘P status’ light will cycle through a range of colours, showing the update has commenced and is downloading. Please do not switch off Poly during this process as it is self programming, it can take many minutes although Poly may reboot on its own.

Step 6

Leave Poly until the colour cycle has stopped, this can take up to 30 minutes. Poly’s ‘P status’ light will then show solid yellow, please do not switch off Poly as it is self-programming – this can take many minutes. Once updating is complete Poly’s yellow ‘P’ status will extinguish and Poly will automatically reboot.

Step 7

Do not insert a Micro SD card. Poly will automatically reboot a second time; the ‘P status’ light will come on yellow and then turn green. Poly can now be turned off and unplugged.

Step 8

Normal operation. Gofigure can now be used.