Chord at the HiFi News Show – Windsor UK

Posted on: 27/09/2016

Aimed squarely at the high-end, the Hi-Fi Show Live 2016 saw us pull out our ‘big system’ for a show-stopping performance. By ‘big system’, we mean our Reference series, of course, which in this instance formed a key part of a ‘Best of British’ experience, supported by fellow Maidstonians KEF and Wiltshire’s The Chord Company. The system showcased flagship products from us and our show partners, with all products in the system hand-assembled in the UK.

KEF’s legendary Muon loudspeakers were connected to our electronics with The Chord Company’s brand new ChordMusic cables, which were also used in interconnect form.  We presented the Red Reference MkIII CD player, DAVE DAC with its next-generation WTA upsampling and Pulse Array DAC technology, our advanced CPA 8000 Reference preamp and the colossal SPM 14000 MkII Reference mono power amps.

Driving the mighty Muon was no challenge for the SPM 14000 MkII Reference mono power amps: the monoblocks feature our latest-generation 12kW-capable power supply, utilising multiple clocking and spread spectrum techniques to provide the best possible noise performance. Each amp contains sixty-four proprietary lateral-structure power output devices, giving massive reserves of energy and incredibly low distortion. Combined with the detail-resolving ability of the DAVE DAC, show visitors experienced a very special system indeed.

The ‘Best of British’ system collaboration pulled together the finest engineering from Chord and two of Britain’s best-loved brands and offered the chance to experience our top-performing electronics with the best cabling available in the UK, plus a true statement loudspeaker.