Chord Electronics at Indulgence 2016

Posted on: 16/10/2016

We were delighted to be a part of the first ever Indulgence Show in October, which saw a hi-fi show, complete with ‘headroom’ headphone zone, return to London for the first time in over a decade. Chord’s presence at the event was split into two areas: an enormous dedicated Mojo stand in headroom area, plus a more formal room upstairs, which housed our full-size electronics.

Two systems were on demonstration throughout the three-day event: a Hugo TT and TToby system supplemented by PMC speakers, plus a DAVE-based Choral system, featuring our new Mezzo MkII stereo power amplifiers, plus the mighty Blade 2’s from KEF.

Chord staffers Tom Vaughan, Colin Pratt and Maurice Tryner were on hand at Indulgence, offering help, advice and insight into Chord technologies throughout an event which saw a steady stream of both press and consumers coming to hear DAVE and the new TToby with the Hugo TT.  The show organisers, Chord Electronics’ dealer Unilet Sound and Vision, provided a commerce section at the show, so visitors were able to buy on the day and make arrangements for post-show delivery.  A number of show reports from the hi-fi press have since been published and Indulgence 2017 would appear to be on the calendar for next year.