Mojo wins a prestigious EISA award

Posted on: 15/08/2016

It’s official, Mojo has won a major European technology award for its ground-breaking digital to analogue conversion and flexibility. The prestigious European Image and Sound Association Award, or EISA, award 2016-2017 is only offered to a single product in each category and adds to the many five star reviews, and awards, already won by Mojo.

John Franks, owner and driving force behind Chord since day one, along with Rob Watts, our digital designer, travelled to Berlin to accept the weighty award standing alongside giants Sony and Canon.

EISA said:

With technology distilled from its high-end DACs, Chord’s pocket-sized yet hugely capable USB headphone amplifier comes in a milled-from-solid aluminium case, decorated with colour-coded controls. Battery-powered, all the Mojo’s digital processing and DAC functions are implemented in custom code rather than with off-the-shelf parts, promising compatibility with LPCM audio up to 768kHz and DSD up to DSD256. With expansion modules planned to accept SD card storage, Wi-Fi capability and a Bluetooth add-on for wireless connection, a better mix of versatility, sound quality and sheer value for money has yet to be found.