Moving Coil Phonostage

The Dual is our most flexible phonostage that brings advanced features and proprietary technology to vinyl replay. Amongst yielding exceptional performance from your analogue music collection, you can also digitally document your playback with the crystal clear A2D USB output.


Range: Chordette
Colour options:

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The Dual is our most compact phono stage. Its space-saving dimensions belie its advanced features. A MC (moving coil) design, the Dual benefits from an innovative A/D convertor with a USB output, to enable the direct transfer of vinyl to computers, enabling high-quality digital archive copies to made from vinyl collections.

The Dual has been designed to provide the high level of boost amplification and frequency- shaping necessary to match the low-level output from moving coil cartridges. With a compact footprint, the Dual is easy to integrate into audio existing systems and is highly flexible too: it features selectable input impedance and gain options to allow perfect cartridge-matching and exploit the full potential of vinyl.

Our advanced circuitry gives superior performance and applies the appropriate RIAA equalisation to maximise sound quality. Our inclusion of a Rausch slope filter helps to remove rumble from the low-frequency spectrum and improve the listening experience.

Further features include an optical TOSLink output which provides a useful digital monitor for playback of recorded material stored on the computer via an external DAC. This feature enables a true representation of the recording to be enjoyed and to overcome any limitations of the on-board sound hardware within the computer.

Selectable Impedance:

30Ω, 100Ω, 5kΩ, and 4.7pf

Selectable Gain:

60dB, 65dB, and 70dB


1x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Input


1x USB Type B (for audio archiving purposes)

1x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Output

1x Optical TOSLink Monitor

Key Features

Moving Coil Cartridge Only
HF Switch Mode Power Supply
Selectable Gain
Selectable Impedance
Rausch Slope Rumble Filter
Unbalanced RCA Input
44.1kHz USB Output
Unbalanced RCA Output
Solid Aluminium Chassis

Included Accessories

1.5m 12v 0.5a Switching Power Supply
Dual Owners Manual

Input Impedance:

30Ω – 47kΩ, 50pF – 200pF

Input Noise:


Max Output Voltage RMS:


Equalisation Gain Range:

60dBV, 65dBV, 70dBV, 75dBV

Equalisation Response:

RIAA Curve

Equalisation Accuracy:

+/- 0.1dB

Frequency Response:

RIAA Curve = 12Hz to 25kHz

Rumble Filter:

Rausch Slope -24dB per octave below 50Hz

Output Impedance:

520Ω (resistive)

Input Power Supply:

12v 3 – 100v to 240v 50/60Hz PSU


160mm (w) x 40mm (d), 70 (h)



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