SPM 6000 Mk. II

750w Reference Power Amplifier

When nothing but pure unadulterated power, super low distortion, precision, and immense realism is demanded our mono amplification range delivers an experience like never before, launching you into an infinite period of musical rediscovery.

Range: Reference
Colour options:

As one of two exceptional monoblock options in our flagship Reference range, the SPM 6000 MkII is a no-compromise 750-watt mono amplifier (against 1,000 watts in its SPM 14000 MkII sibling). Along with its 14000 stablemate, the SPM 6000 MkII is one of the largest mono amplifiers we have ever built and its performance is spectacular.

Having a dedicated mono power amplifier for each channel allows the benefits of the Chord approach to amplification to be fully exploited when used as part of a pre/power system.

The SPM 6000 MkII uses three of our 5th-generation 4kW power supply units with our unique dynamic coupling techniques, run in a parallel configuration, but working individually. The technology is complemented by a large bank of energy-storage capacitors that are ‘recharged’ by the power supply, giving the amplifier huge reserves of headroom.

Using the latest low-distortion amplifier circuitry with our own proprietary lateral structure dual-die MOSFETs, the SPM 6000 MkII offers incredible grip and control and is capable of taming even the most challenging loudspeaker; only the SPM 14000 MkII offers more power. Like its amplification siblings, the technology is complemented by a large bank of energy-storage capacitors that are ‘recharged’ by the power supply, giving the amplifier huge reserves of headroom.

Other accessories & custom options

Raw aluminium Integra leg option.


Black anodised aluminium Integra leg option.


Nickel plated aluminium Integra leg option.

Gloss black acrylic side block option – replaces aluminium Integra legs.


1x Balanced XLR Inverted Input

1x Balanced XLR Non-inverted Input

1x Gold Plated Unbalanced RCA Inverted Input

1x Gold Plated Unbalanced RCA Non-inverted Input

1x 12v Trigger Input – Chord Electronics Auto Start


2x Pair of High Quality, High Current, Gold Plated Type Speaker Terminals (Bi-wireable)

Key Features

750w into 8Ω
>-103dB Signal to Noise Ratio
Class AB Sliding Bias
HF Switch Mode Power Supply
Proprietary Chord MOSFETs
Fully Balanced Circuitry
Convection Cooled
Balanced XLR Inverted Input
Balanced XLR Non-inverted Input
Unbalanced RCA Inverted Input
Unbalanced RCA Non-inverted Input
12v Trigger On/Off Input
Included Top Light Ring
Solid Aluminium Chassis

Included Accessories

1.5m 15a IEC Mains Power Lead
SPM 6000 Mk. II Owners Manual

Output Power:

750w RMS per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 8Ω

1500w RMS per channel into 4Ω

Frequency Response:

-1dB @ 0.2Hz to 46kHz and -3dB 0.1Hz to 77kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than -103dB

Channel Separation:

Better than 90dB

Input Impedance:

100kΩ Unbalanced/Balanced

Output Impedance:




Dimensions Without Integra Legs:

420mm (w) x 670mm (d) x 150mm (h)

Dimensions With Included Integra Legs:

480mm (w) x 670 (d) x 190mm (h)



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