Qutest System Stand (QSS)

Posted on: 14/01/2022

Did you know we offer a purpose-built equipment support for the award-winning Qutest range of hi-fi components? The Qutest System Stand (QSS) is a modular design, precision-engineered from the same high-quality aluminium used in our electronics.

Built to perfectly accommodate the Qutest DAC, Huei MM/MC phono stage and Anni desktop integrated amplifier, the Qutest System Stand is entirely modular: tiers are available individually and can be stacked as devices are added.

Cleverly engineered using thermal coupling, the stand’s design helps to dissipate any heat originating from the electronics being housed. The stand’s design also gives unrestricted access to both the front and rear panels of the housed devices, aiding connectivity and operation, while maintaining visibility of the polychromatic control spheres.

Discover the QSS here.