ULTIMA PRE 3 wins StereoNET’s ‘Applause Award’

Posted on: 13/02/2023

The Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3 has won an Applause Award from StereoNET. The recently introduced preamp, designed and styled by Chord Electronics’ founder/owner John Franks, was commended for its transparency and fidelity.

StereoNET said: ‘This is a very open-sounding preamp that can take you right back to the studio…  it really delivers – giving an extremely open sound that nevertheless doesn’t appear too forensic or ‘hi-fi’ in its nature. It’s certainly one of the best preamps I’ve heard for a while, and I doubt it would disgrace itself in the company of designs costing quite a lot more.’

Praise indeed. You can read the full review online, here.